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>Install Vmware server2.0 on Ubuntu 9.10

Tweet>Today i installed Ubuntu Desktop 9.10, initially it looks a great Desktop Operating System. After os installation i tried to install Vmware Server 2.0 , but lots of ‘too many argument of smpcall functions’ break my heart.In earlier version of ubuntu it had worked great. After googing few hours in found a useful link… Read More »

>what is KVM ?

Tweet>On sept 2, 2009 redhat announced the availability of the fourth update to its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 platform. With this update redhat offers a new sort of virtualization known as KVM. So now you don’t have to bother about new commands to test performance of guest machine. KVM make possible uniform support for… Read More »

>qemu vs kvm

Tweet>The QEMU package provides a processor and system emulator which enables users to launch guest virtual machines not only under the same hardware platform as the host machine, but also dramatically different hardware platforms. For example, QEMU can be used to run a PPC guest on a x86 host. QEMU dynamically translates the machine code… Read More »