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Windows AD Users on Linux

Tweet To use Windows Active Directory Users  on  Linux machine, we need to configure Samba and Winbind For implementation with Active Directory.  first of all  make sure that samba is installed on Linux Server. Oh! I missed here to mention here that, I am here discussing implementation on Linux distribution  CentOS 6.4 For Windows AD… Read More »

Linux Cryptography

TweetIn Redhat Linux such as CentOS and RHEL, OpenSSL package provides three categories of functions   libcrypto:  This category include generic encryption related functions. The generic functions provided by libcrypto are used by other programms such as Bind,SASL, OpenSSH etc.  libssl: This category provides open source implementation of TLS and SSL. As we know there are… Read More »

NMAP Port States

TweetFrom Operating System point of view, port can have only two states either Open or Close.  Irrespective of port state from OS views, NMAP detects six type of port states and these states are listed as below Open =>This state is same as Operating System open state. If any port is Open then it will accept… Read More »

Heartbleed & KRL

TweetOn 7th April, Heartbleed(CVE-2014-0160) shook both the tech-savvy world and the end-users alike. Majority of us use OpenSSL for one or the other reason. If it’s any version of OpenSSL from 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f, released between December 2011 & April 2014, then consider that you have already got compromised with security keys, private keys, passwords… Read More »

>Nmap vs Nessus

Tweet> Nmap and Nessus both are network vulnerability scanner The history of vulnerability scanner is very exciting. In initial days Telnet was used to find open port stat. Over time a set of scripts was developed to make vulnerability scanning simple, one of such script set was SATAN (Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing  Network). After SATAN some… Read More »

>Decoder in Snort

Tweet> Decoding is one of the important and initial step that snort perform. The decoder determine the underlying protocol in packet and process the header information. It also look for error and anomalies in fields of error. The determination of error and corresponding alert will depend on configuration of snort.conf. To activate or deactivate decoder… Read More »

>Install snort 2.9 on RHEL 5

Tweet>I was trying to install snort 2.9 on my RHEL 5.5 system. Initially i tried to install by downloading snort rpm from but i failed because it generated error that libpcap>=1.0.0 is required to install snort 2.9. I decided to check my libpcap version using command ‘rpm -qa|grep libpcap‘ and found that libpcap-0.9.4 is… Read More »

>Digital Cetificate Uses and implementation

Tweet>Like a certicate , digital certicate have a purpose that is To Establish TRUST. The pupose of using digital certificate varies depending on what kind of trust you need. Certificate can be used to verify identity of presentor. It can also be used to ensure that a object is intact or has been tampered.Digital certificate… Read More »

>Command logging in linux

Tweet>As we know the command issued by a user get logged info .bash_history file of user's home directory. But this method of command logging is not reliable since .bash_history can be edited later on and moreover if command issued on shell open through another method (ie shell open through vim). In my opinion auditing through… Read More »

>Use WPA2-TKIP-PSK for wireless security

Tweet>Cracking a WEP key is merely a statistical brute force on the key and implemented by collecting data (IVs) through arp spoofing. When using WPA or WPA-2 a 4-way handshake is needed in order to try and obtain the pre-shared key(PSK).Without this key one can not normally gain access to the network. This key is… Read More »