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Windows AD Users on Linux

Tweet To use Windows Active Directory Users  on  Linux machine, we need to configure Samba and Winbind For implementation with Active Directory.  first of all  make sure that samba is installed on Linux Server. Oh! I missed here to mention here that, I am here discussing implementation on Linux distribution  CentOS 6.4 For Windows AD… Read More »

>Windows 7 on samba PDC

Tweet> Horrible day starts when windows 7 come into samba domain setup, i mean where Samba act as PDC. My setup is on RHEL 5 that use samba 3.0.33. Samab working as PDC is our setup. But now a days we are getting some windows 7 client. Adding windows 7 as a client in samba… Read More »

>samba+ldap setup

Tweet> After working around 2 years on samba+ldap setup, i can say it is stable and most useful , where we need linux based authentication server to authenticate windows users.   Users, computers and group account get stored in ldap(openldap) format in samba+ldap setup, same as in windows Active Directory . My ideal setup that is… Read More »

>Samba debugging

Tweet>Today i faced a unique problem in samba+ldap configuration. Try to add new machine in domain result in error message user name not found. I decided to investigate samba problem, and my idea was to increase the debug level. Debug level 2 is perfect for such debugging and without restarting samba it increased by debug… Read More »