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OpenStack Storage Types

TweetThere are multiple enterprise class storage solutions available such as storage solution from EMC, IBM etc.  Other than enterprise class storage solutions there are variety of storage need exist with varying performance and price range. In Cloud storage environment, Object  Storage and Block Storage two storage category making trends now a days. Object Storage Vs… Read More »

OpenStack Tenant

TweetA OpenStack cloud system suppose to be used by multiple users. A role based access system has been adopted on OpenStack which control access to the shared resource. Roles control the action a user can take. You can say that each tenant is a individual resource container. Let us understand this through an example. I… Read More »

Ceph Basics

TweetYou might have heard  much about commercial storage solution which provides fault-tolerant. What about if you get such storage solution on open source platform? Ceph is fault-tolerant distributed clustered file system.  It’s not just a simple filesystem. It’s a filesystem, and a striped/replicated block device provider, and a virtualization storage backend, and a cloud object… Read More »

>KVM Live Migration

Tweet> In this write-up I am going to discuss virtual Machine live migration from one hypervisor to another hypervisor. For this scenario I am using KVM hypervisor. Vmotion is much discussed feature available in Vmware. Vmotion migrate live virtual machine from one host to host. Vmotion can only be used for Vmware ESX/ESXi hypervisor. Let… Read More »

>Using Open vswitch with Fedora 19

Tweet> On my Fedora 19 system, I decided to implement  openvswitch for networking between Host to Guest machine. My guest machine is running on KVM hypervisor.      Openvswitch will here work here as a replacement of linux bridge. Openswitch is implementation of next generation Software Defined Networking(SDN) which manages networking components such as switches(here… Read More »