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Sysstat Package, sar, sadf, iostat, mpstat, pidstat…

TweetStarts with #sar –options: Dare not try “# sar [-A]”…try and see!!! This will throw at you a multiscreen info and you’ll get lost…hmm…because it contains everything so let’s rather look for our specific need. SYNTAX: to recap the syntax. For live and running stats For analysis of data stored, by sa1, for today until… Read More »

Sysstat Package # sar

TweetWe recall while working on a production server, It was new for me to know that the great utility ‘sar’ is not only for historical (greatly used for this purpose) but also so good for fetching us real time “system activity data”. The greatness lies in the historical data collection capability though. As for live… Read More »

>Understanding vmstat output

Tweet>As we know vmstat is very useful command to monitor system performance in linux. I issued this command on my RHEL Server, and output is as followsroot# vmstat procs ——– ——–memory—— —swap— –io– —-system- —cpu——–r b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in cs us sy id wa st0 0 128 1217472 302800… Read More »

>Why top and ps show diffrent priority?

Tweet>There is some discrepancy in ps output caused by the fact that each system may use different values to represent the process priority and that the values have changed with the introduction of RT priorities.The kernel stores the priority value in /proc//stat (let’s call it p->prio) and ps reads the value and displays it in… Read More »

>Using usbmon

Tweet> Using usbmon to monitor usb trafficSteps of using usbmon are as follows 1. Prepare Mount debugfs (it has to be enabled in your kernel configuration), andload the usbmon module (if built as module). The second step is skippedif usbmon is built into the kernel. # mount -t debugfs none_debugs /sys/kernel/debug# modprobe usbmon# Verify that… Read More »