Windows AD Users on Linux

By | October 18, 2015

To use Windows Active Directory Users  on  Linux machine, we need to configure Samba and Winbind

For implementation with Active Directory.  first of all  make sure that samba is installed on Linux Server. Oh! I missed here to mention here that, I am here discussing implementation on Linux distribution  CentOS 6.4

For Windows AD users integration, below settings of samba need to configured in samba config file /etc/samba/smb.conf


workgroup =
security = ADS


In above settings, security is ADS which is required here, other two settings will depend on your domain name.  Let me mention here,  Realm word used in Kereberos Authentication protocol for referring database where Users Credentials stored, and hence Windows Active Directory use kerberos for authentication, so we mentioned realm. But mentioning realm would not be suffice, we have to point to Kerberos KDC server, where credentials are stored, that we do in /etc/krb5.conf



kdc =



As you can see, IP of Kereberos server (AD Server) in our case is

Once all above settings execute below command and it will ask you Administrator password


net ads join -U Administrator -S


If above command succeed, then cheers you are ready to use Windows AD users on Linux. To confirm execute below command to list all WIndows AD users,


wbinfo -u


You are ready to use that does not mean you are using it. To use this AD authentication Samba Winbind, you have to configure authentication to point, and to do you can use below command




Rest is self driving .



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