Aligning Disk Partition

By | July 21, 2014

Disk partition alignment is important for the optimal performance of disk. Misaligned disk partition may cause poor read/write disk performance. How we can determine that a particular disk partition is aligned or not? Have a look on below screenshot

A partition has been created on /dev/sdb, partition number is 1 and this is starting from sector number 63. This is an example of misaligned partition. This misaligned partition is not performance friendly. Before going ahead with the file system creation on this misaligned partition, it is recommended to align this partition. An aligned partition must start with power of 2. To align this partition, move into fdisk expert mode (x command on fdisk shell) and change beginning of partition from sector 63 to sector 128


Remember that when we create partition using parted utility, then there is no need to alter partition geometry as parted creates aligned partitions by default. Parted utility is used at time of installation, so the partition creates at the time of installation is aligned. Below is the screenshot for reference

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