OpenStack Storage Types

By | February 3, 2014

There are multiple enterprise class storage solutions available such as storage solution from EMC, IBM etc.  Other than enterprise class storage solutions there are variety of storage need exist with varying performance and price range. In Cloud storage environment, Object  Storage and Block Storage two storage category making trends now a days.

Object Storage Vs Block Storage

Block Storage is common storage backend and we are using this for storing data and installing operating system.  Block level storage can be attached to compute instance and cloud user can store data on given block storage device after formatting it. Block storage is appropriate for performance sensitive application and/or softwares such as database.  We can use CEPH, NetAPP, Naxenta, SolidFire and Zadara in addition to Basic Linux storage such as LVM.

Object storage is different from standard file system based storage. Object based storage is distributed storage system for storing static objects such as Virtual Machine image, emails backend, photo backups and archives. Object storage infrastructure can be build using commodity hard drives, there is no need to have costly storage hardware. Openstack provides redundant, scalable object storage using clusters of standardized servers capable of storing huge amount of data.  Storage cluster can scale horizontally by simply adding new servers.  Object based storage is software based inexpensive solutions to meet many storage needs. By default OpenStack use component swift as object storage.

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