Cygwin-openssh-mintty (SSH Client)

By | January 14, 2014

Never thought, I would look for alternatives to Putty  & PSM: Putty Session Manager. Cygwin-Openssh-Mintty offers a brilliant option from amongst many other marvels like “MobaXterm” & SecureCRT (Licensed)… Most of us still connect to Linux Machine via ssh-client on a Windows/Mac, to say atleast in office. And I’m no exception. For this I depend like many others on Putty & PSM. Putty.exe off-late troubled me with few specific connections only and I observed (forum) it had troubles with hanging at the password screen during connection. After few alternatives, now was the time for CYGWIN!

MyLAB – Purpose was to have Cygwin help me ssh to Linux VM…

I Installed Cygwin on my x64 bin windows machine Downloaded this very small exe file and then followed GUI instructions and rest was very simple.

On the way I opted for: Install from internet (quick & easy) > choose users > Direct Connection > Choose mirror for package > By default it has minimal packages for Cygwin so choose the openssh package.

Clicked Next and the isntallation proceeded and completed. Now opened Cygwin on the local machine as an application.

Did you notice It’s connecting to my local machine in Linux/UNIX-Like environment…That’s its beauty..If you wish you can now completely leave the GUI environment of Windows and do most of the things on windows machine…”The Linux Way”!!…Wow, I’m Thrilled at it. Try it!

I’m going to SSH to my local Linux VM, using Cygwin.(By default Cygwin has installed mintty.exe program which again largely depends on the same source code of Putty.exe). Also One can opt for configuring SSH by openning Cygwin as “run as administrator” and then run # ssh-host-config and even make the login password less for a particular linux machine.

Now was the time to run cygwin from CMD Prompt. I did can do it too> After installing Cygwin > went to the control panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables > Choose path and had the following entered > “;C: \cygwin64\bin” > Ok > opened up the command prompt and then wow…SSH from Command prompt.

Ssh connection to my Linux VM from windows command prompt.

So Now I open up my command prompt and SSH directly to my test VMs.

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