ReSize Disk Partition in Linux

By | November 29, 2013

Resizing disk is a very hot topic of discussion among the system administrators. A few admins agree and many disagree with the idea of resizing disk partitions. I am sharing my piece of knowledge on this.

I have been in a situation where /tmp partition of disk has to be resized. My disk was of 350 cylinder and partition was as follows.

start Cylinder| End Cylinder | Partition
0             | 10           | /dev/sda1
11            | 200          | /dev/sda2
201           | 299          | /dev/sdb3
300           | 330          | /dev/sda4

Here /tmp partition is /dev/sda4 (cylinder 300 to 330), so here cylinder 331 to 349 was unused and I had to allocate same to /dev/sda4.

To resize /dev/sda4, I rebooted system in single user mode and edited partition table with sfdisk command as follows

sfdisk /dev/sda -N4 <<EOF

Remember that here I changed end cylinder, Never think to change start cylinder (sector) as it will overwrite superblock and resulted in corruption of partition.

After resizing /dev/sda4, I resized file system using below command

resize2fs /dev/sda4

Apply fsck


fsck -y /dev/sda4


Good to go with reboot now.

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