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Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.x provide you option to use XFS file system in place of Ext4. XFS is robust and highly-scalable 64 bit journaling file system. This file system is entirely extent based and support large file and file system size.

XFS overcomes one of the nightmare of EXT filesystem, that nightmare is crash recovery. Faster crash recovery became possible with the concept of metadata journaling. XFS generate vast amount of journal traffic in response to metadata change. XFS file system records updates asynchronously to a circular buffer (the journal) before it can commit the actual data updates to disk. The journal can be located either internally in the data section of the file system, or externally on a separate device to reduce contention for disk access, overall improved performance.

In RHEL6.x, You can create a XFS filesystem. To create a XFS filesystem, use following command

mkfs.xfs <device file>

To mount XFS file system

           mount <device file> 
           For example 
                     mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt
We can view and set XFS file system properties using xfs_admin command

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