>TCP Congestion Control

By | March 13, 2013


TCP Congestion control, shape TCP traffic so that receiver does not get over flooded by  sender high rate of TCP packet transfer. TCP Congestion get managed through a field in TCP header known as Window. You can notice , in the following image , windows field of tcp header is set to 8192

What does this value doing in TCP congestion control ?

The TCP sender use cwnd (Congestion Window) in controlling its transmission rate based on feedback it gets from the receiver. In simple words you can say tcp congestion window is estimate of how much maximum packet receiver can accept without losing any packet .

In Linux more than one algorithm exist for tcp congestion control. I issued following command to get list of algorithm exist on my CentOS6.3 system

So my my system there are two tcp congestion control method are present , as you can in above image there algorithms are cubic and reno

This is apparent that  that only one among these two is currently applicable and working as tcp congestion control method

So here cubic is in place .
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  1. عبدالرحمن الخميس

    >Excellent, is it also related to tcp segmentation ?


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