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By | December 24, 2012


How to set limit on icmp ping request/response ? Usually either we fully allow ping to our Linux server or we prefer to block ping to our server completely. I think ideally we should allow limited ping to our server so that ping connectivity check remain open without making Server vulnerable to ping attacks.

I tried with following iptables rules . These rules intend to allow only one icmp ping packet per second

So what you think ? Am I correct here ? Or something I missed .

If you are not sure , try to apply above given rules to your Linux Server and check by pinging your server from outside .

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3 thoughts on “>Limit ping

  1. Himanshu joshi

    >Hi think this should work..!!! However i'll love to give it a try…!!!

  2. Shilpa Teon

    >iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -m limit –limit 10/second -j ACCEPT

    This will limit the ICMP responses to a maximum of 10 replies per second.Rest all is silently dropped.


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