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By | July 16, 2012


Let me mention here that this post is only for readers who have exposure in Nagios. Naglite is just a front end viewer for Nagios and mainly used by NOC  for getting better graphical view of down hosts and services .

All the Nagios users know that Nagios gives above given interface format to view service/host status . Nagios also provide many view options like get only the services/host which are down . But suppose you want NOC like interface just as given below

Above given is Naglite interface which use Nagios status file and list only services/host which are in trouble .

Let me remind you that Naglite3 needs running Nagios otherwise it will got the status.dat file,  which is used by Naglite to get Nagios data.

To install Naglite for Nagios installation (Assumed that my Nagios installed in /usr/local/nagios)

step1. I move into folder /var/www/html, 
          root# cd /var/www/html
then cloned Naglite3 code 
          root# git clone git://github.com/saz/Naglite3.git

You will found Naglite3 directory in /var/www/html now 

step2. in /var/www/html/Naglite3 directory , there will a file config.php.example, rename it to config.php

     root# pwd
     root# cd Naglite3
     root# mv config.php.example config.php

step3. Open config.php in any text editor
      root# vi config.php

    You will find a $statusfile line as commented . Uncomment it and point it right Nagios status file .
In my case,  Nagios status file is on the location /usr/local/nagios/var/status.dat, So I changed statusfile variable to 

$statusfile = /usr/local/nagios/var/status.dat

Save the file

step4. Open the Naglite3 interface

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2 thoughts on “>Naglite Installation

  1. Steve

    Have you had any luck getting Naglite to work with Nagios4? It seems to have problems reading the status.dat file.


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