>Passwordless ssh access using putty

By | January 20, 2011


As we know ssh allow authentication using private/public key. Today i was accessing my linux system from windows by giving username and password and i decided to access using key. I followed following steps for that ,As we know putty is most popular windows ssh client. First of all i downloaded puTTygen and putty software from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html. Then i executed puttygen to generate private and public keys . I saved my public key file as vishesh.pub and private key file as vishesh.ppk.
Now public file has to be transferred on linux system, after transfer i written following line on linux system to import public key into authorized key

   root#ssh-keygen -i -f vishesh.pub >>/root/.ssh/authorized_key

Now my ssh server is ready to accept private key for authentication.
Finally i executed putty and specify following parameters
         IP address of linux box
         default userrname as ‘root’
         and location of private key file.
And linux box get connected without asking password

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