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>As we know fdisk,sfdisk and cfdisk all these are disk manipulator command.
cfdisk is almost same as fdisk but graphical based because it use ncurse. If someone is not a system admin he should prefer cfdisk over fdisk.
According to fdisk man page.

sfdisk is for hackers only – the user
interface is terrible, but it is more correct than fdisk and more power-
ful than both fdisk and cfdisk. Moreover, it can be used noninterac-

You can notice the real difference only after trying some hands in these tools.But surely sfdisk have some advantage over others. Try sfisk in following
ways to get some idea
root#sfdisk -s
root#sfdisk -l /dev/sda
root#sfdisk /dev/hdc -O hdd-partition-sectors.save

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One thought on “>FDISK vs CFDISK vs SFDISK

  1. Wyatt

    >cfdisk is much more rigourous than fdisk when it comes to partition table correctness and will bail if things are off. This can be a double-edged sword as fdisk will read some tables that cfdisk will refuse, but fdisk won't necessarily write them properly either.


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