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By | June 30, 2010


If  you need to do some sort of activity on your remote DHCP server,use OMAPI with DHCP. Object Management Application Programming interface use TCP/IP as transport of server communcation and perform subset of  actions on running dhcp server, even you dont need to restart dhcp server to apply the changes.
 omshell is command shell to use OMAPI . But before using OMAPI we need to configure dhcp server accordingly. So i edited my /etc/dhcpd.conf, and add following lines 
             key dhcpkey{
             algorithm hmac-md5;
             secret xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
             omapi-key dhcpkey;
              omapi-port 7911;
Now i restarted my dhcpd server. After that i used omshell command in following ways to query about a lease.
               > key dhcpkey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
               > connect
               > new "lease"
              obj: lease
              > set ip-address=
              > open
Similary many sort of tasks can be performed.
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