>Extend logical volume

By | January 8, 2010

>Today i decided to extend size of one of logical volume in my RHEL 5.2
server. My volume group vg1 has 100Gb free space and i want to allocate
10Gb to lv1. First of all i unmounted lv1 volume which to be
root# umount /dev/vg1/lv1
root# lvextend -L +10G /dev/vg1/lv1
Now resize the file system
root# resize2fs /dev/vg1/lv1
ext2online command can also be used for resizing.
After resizing i mounted and it works fine.
root#mount /dev/vg1/lv1 /mnt/mydata

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One thought on “>Extend logical volume

  1. Anonymous

    >You really don't have to umount it. You can extend a volume without umounting it. If you have to reduce it, then yes you willl have to umount it.


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